About Us

It All began with one simple song...

Bearfeet is the project of Hanne Pluvier and Toon Develtere that came about on April 20, 2017 after a spontaneous jam session in Ghent. This immediately led to the first song “Through The Pine Fields”, as well as a close friendship between the two.

The Bearfeet sound is characterized by acoustic guitars and beautiful vocal harmonies combined with English lyrics that make you dream of fantastic places, friendships and stories.
In the meantime, the band has grown with Anna Carlier on double bass, Briek Maertens on drums and percussion. And Lore Nollet on cello.
On stage, it’s hard to miss the passion these players display through their music. We challenge you not to get carried away by the enthusiasm and sounds of this young group.

So meet us at our next concert and experience Bearfeet yourself!


Drums & Percussion


Double Bass & Backing Vocals